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4BHK Independent Villa

We recently completed end-to-end execution of interior design work for one of the luxury villas at Silicon City. Located in Bangalore, this project has a lot to offer apart from the very spacious and wonderful villas. Every detail and object inside Villa has a reason to be where it is, to be chosen and combined with the other. But do not expect the interior to be of the same décor as the outside.

The villa’s interiors are defined by modern furnishing and Italian design, not only as far as the pieces of furniture are concerned but also for the presence of works of art by contemporary international artists.

The villa about which we are speaking is an awesome 4 BHK with a very spacious living room, family room as well as an open kitchen and loads of space on the first floor. The budget was limited and hence our suggestion was to get basic work done along with some amazing design elements in prominent places. The rest of the house can be done up after some time in a workshop. Final details for the design and execution of interiors included the kitchen and wardrobes in all rooms. In addition, the living / drawing room was decked up with some amazing wood and polish work, the family room was given a beautiful TV unit and the upper floor foyer has been given a bookshelf and study. Kids obviously need study areas hence their room has been provided with a duco finished study area.

The first view is for the area visible to guests when they are sitting on the sofas. The builder has provided with a blank wall which could become a passageway for moving from entrance. We decided to make this into a simple art piece!. The interior design included rafters on top with a stone clad wall and a ledge in front for some artefacts. A movable unit as a design element will be added later. We added coves inside the stone cladding and fixed strip lights into it. The rafters have also been given LED’s. Greenply Ecotec 12 mm plywood is used to provide a backing for the stone cladding. Normally this is not required and stone can be fixed on the wall but this was essential here to provide the cove. In addition, it gives an added depth to the stone wall. Ledge and the rafters use 19 mm Greenply Ecotec inside. The coves as well as ledge and rafters have polished veneer finish which brings the richness and elegance to the design.

The living where the stairs are awkwardly visible from the living. A partition was essential. This partition is visible from the main door. Hence, it also helps n providing privacy to the dining area behind it. The jaali is made in MDF with laser cutting in the pattern and finished off with metallic duco to give this gloss. The frames are made in 19 mm Greenply finished with melamine polished veneer.

The family room is big with a lot of doors and windows providing ample natural light. Our designer was in no mood to mess with this natural gift and hence just a simple TV unit was provided on the wall which is also visible from the kitchen. Suitable for large screens with wiring for audio as well as LAN for a smart TV, this unit needs no introduction. Natural veneer provides the richness. Ledge is finished in duco paint and the panel for the TV mount has been provided with Asian Paints Royale. Its advisable to have duco on MDF since plywood absorbs lot of paint and is difficult to work with which spoils the finish. What we did here (as well as in rest of places) was to have the ledge made in 19 mm plywood. This was then covered with a 6 mm layer of MDF on which duco paint was done.

In the stair landing on the first floor is this great space which is visible from the stairs. The space was amazing for a grand library. Functionally, a small table is provided in case some work needs to be done.

This execution comes with due regard to our designer, contractors and their teams.

  • Client: Mr. & Mrs. Gunashekharan. P
  • Date: 23.06.2013
  • Category: Independent Villa
  • Location: Bangalore, India

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